Garden Clearance & Tidy-up Service Bournemouth & Poole

At My Tidy Garden a Garden Tidy-up is also known as a Garden Clean-up or, a Garden Clearance is one of our specialty gardening services. Our customers in Bournemouth & Poole are often impressed by how much of a difference we can make in a short time. Giving immediate satisfaction for them and us.

Our garden tidy-up service is ideal if you want your garden to look great at short notice. Perfect if you are hosting a BBQ or birthday party, you have guests visiting, you’re selling or letting a house, or, you’re just wanting to be able to spend more time in your garden.

Do You Need A Garden Tidy Up in Bournemouth or Poole?

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What's included in our Garden Tidy-up service?

Very often, our first visit to a garden results in us undertaking an initial garden tidy-up. Quickly bringing your garden up to standard gives us a platform to build on. As well as, a more manageable garden to maintain moving forward.

Our garden tidy-up service may consist of a variety of tasks such as weeding, cutting grass & trimming edges, hedge trimming, green waste removal, and pressure washing.

Essentially, we will do whatever it takes to make your garden presentable and we have all the tools and experience needed to help get your garden looking its best.

After the initial garden clearance or tidy-up, we can return to provide seasonal garden tidy-up’s or, a more regular garden maintenance plan, to keep your garden in good shape and health.

To book a garden tidy-up or garden clearance, give My Tidy Garden a call on 01202 509 592 or request a quote below.

How Much Does A Garden Clean Up Cost?

How much a garden tidy-up costs varies drastically depending on the size of the garden, the current condition, and the tasks and machinery required to complete the job.

Some gardens may only take us a couple of hours to get looking really good. Whereas, some gardens may take a matter of days and require expensive equipment such as; hedge cutters, leaf blowers, and pressure washers.

Every garden is completely different. In order to give you an accurate quote, we will visit you at your property to assess the work and discuss what needs doing and what you are looking to achieve.

A garden tidy-up usually costs more than what we charge, should we return to look after the garden on a more regular basis. This is because once the tidy-up is complete, the garden will be easier for us to maintain, saving you money over time.

Having your garden maintained by us on a regular basis will ensure the garden remains in good condition throughout the year.

Short Notice Garden Clearance Service

Wherever possible we’ll offer a same-day garden tidy-up service and always aim to visit you within 72 hours of receiving your enquiry. That’s whether your garden just needs a quick blitz or you have a seriously overgrown jungle.

Once we have visited you at your property, we will confirm the price and complete the work. 

Note* If we are free to work there and then the price may be cheaper than if we need to return on another day.

As long as you’re happy with the service, we can then arrange a more regular garden maintenance plan which will keep the garden looking tidy, all year round.

If your garden is in need of a tidy-up, call us now or request a quote below and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Seasonal Garden Tidy-ups

With a one off garden tidy up job when we don’t know that we will be returning property, we will do whatever it takes to get the garden neat and tidy to the standard you require, for the short term. This may include us pruning or trimming back some (but not all) plants at times of the year which are not optimal for that particular species.

This is particularly common if we are dealing with an out of hand or overgrown garden. Because sometimes plants just need to be cut back, regardless of whether it is good for the plant or not. An example of this would be, if it is growing into a building or, over a public footpath.

However, if we know that we will visit your property more regularly or at least once per season, then we can take a bit of a longer term approach to the garden where possible. This is better for the overall health of the garden and will keep it looking better throughout the year.

Some jobs that we can usually do, regardless of time of year are:
  • Lawn mowing. (Not always during winter)
  • Cutting back or removing overgrown, dead or diseased, plants and trees.
  • Weeding & digging beds and borders.
  • Pressure washing patio’s, decking & driveways.
  • General tidying & waste removal.
  • Applying mulches such as bark or gravel.
Some of the things we WONT do at certain times of the year are:
  • Structural work on certain trees and hedges.
  • Trimming a hedge when a birds nest is present. (Typically March-August)
  • Lay new lawn in the middle of summer or winter.
  • Planting or moving plants when there is a high chance of them dying.

The information below is designed to give an overview of some of the typical tasks we may perform at certain times of the year. Alongside the usual core services offered throughout such as; mowing the lawn, pressure washing, weeding and removing waste.

The lists of tasks described are in no way exhaustive and we always tailor the service to your garden and personal requirements. The months shown below are also as a guideline only. The starts and ends of seasons will be determined by the great British weather, not calendar months.

Winter Garden Tidy Up (December, January, February)

Winter and early spring garden tidy-up’s are an ideal opportunity to clean up the garden in time for Christmas or, at least early in the new year, to prepare the garden for the year ahead.

Many of the plants will still have no leaves or only signs of new growth beginning to emerge. This can leave the garden looking a bit bare, which allows us to look at the garden as a bit of a blank canvas.

We can then make structural decisions on plants and hedges before new growth emerges. As well as, identifying any gaps which could do with new plants. When possible we can fill these gaps by dividing existing plants in the garden.

As the plants are not really growing at this time of year, we may have more time to focus on areas of the garden which often get overlooked. Or, to take care of landscaping tasks such creating paths or laying mulches. To help prevent the upcoming weed growth through spring.

If your garden was not looked after through the autumn or winter months, it may be full of leaves or other debris caused by the weather such as fallen branches, which will be taken care of.

Other common tasks we perform in winter are:
  • Hedge cutting and pruning shrubs & roses ready for spring.
  • Moss removal from paths, driveways and lawns.
  • Pressure washing garden furniture or, hard surfaces such as, patios and decking. – Which can be slippery and dangerous if dirty in the cold, wet weather.
  • Pruning fruit trees such as apple or pear trees.
  • Removing dead growth from perennials such as ornamental grasses.
  • Planting and moving trees, shrubs & perennials.
  • Repairing lawn edges.
  • Add bird boxes ready for spring and feed the birds.

If you’re interested in a quote for a winter garden tidy-up, call us now or request a quote below and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Spring Garden Tidy Up (March, April, May)

The growing season is here! A spring garden tidy up can help stay on top of things before they get out of hand and prepare your garden to for the summer.

The combination of warmer weather, longer days and lots of rain, means your garden will really come to life during these months. Making our spring tidy up service popular, as more people request the help of gardeners through these months.

Regular weeding and lawn mowing is crucial through the spring. To best tackle weeds in beds and borders, we recommend applying a thick layer of mulch after we have weeded the area.

Mulching will also help feed the plants. At a time where they will be using a lot of energy generating new growth.

Spring is a great time to clean up the garden after winter and get it in shape for the growing season ahead.

The grass will begin growing at a much faster rate during spring and the conditions make it an ideal time to renovate or replace, a tired-looking lawn.

Spring is also the time for:
  • Pruning any winter flowering shrubs and deadhead spring flowering plants
  • Lay a new lawn or repair lawn
  • Lawn feeding & scarification treatment
  • Pruning Hedges
  • Dividing perennials
  • Planting new container plants
  • Tidying up bulbs that have already flowered

If your garden is in need of a spring clean-up, call us now or request a quote below and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Summer Garden Tidy Up (June, July, August)

It’s BBQ season! A summer garden tidy up is usually a good idea after all the new growth and flowers produced through the spring.

Now is the time when days are the longest, weather is warmest, lots of flowers are out and is generally the time, when we make the most of our gardens.

BBQ’s and summer birthday parties are popular. Lunches on the lawn and children spending more time playing in the garden are also commonplace during summer.

The extra foot traffic and time spent in the garden ,often results in the garden needing a bit of a clean up. Particularly before or after events.

Deadheading flowers, particularly annuals, may result in an extended season of flowers as they send out new buds.

Tip – If you are thinking of selling your house, pictures of the garden taken after a spring or summer tidy up, are always the best.

Summer is also great for:
  • Splitting groups of bulbs.
  • Applying organic mulch to retain moisture, prevent weeds and feed plants.
  • Pruning late flowering bulbs and shrubs.
  • Summer feed the lawn.
  • Planting spring flowering bulbs.
  • Pressure washing furniture and hard surfaces.
  • General tidying.

If you’re interested in a quote for a summer garden tidy-up, call us now or request a quote below and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Autumn Garden Tidy Up (September, October, November)

An autumn garden tidy up is ideal after the stresses of summer and as the year begins to draw to a close. Typically, the theme of autumn is all about tidying up and preparing the garden to help it through the winter.

The plants will still be growing and there are still many interesting things going on and colours in the garden. However, he majority of new growth and flowering will be done for the year.

We dead head any spring or summer flowers that still need pruning and give any hedges their final trim for the year.

The leaves of deciduous trees and plants in your garden will begin to change colour and fall to the ground.

It is generally ok to leave the leaves on the flower beds as they act as a mulch however, they can create a perfect habitat for pests and disease to thrive through winter.

Leaves should never be left on the lawn as this can kill the grass resulting in dead patches. We usually remove all the leaves from the beds and the lawn and compost them separately.

Autumn is also perfect for:
  • Laying new lawns. (Early autumn)
  • Lawn treatments such as scarification and aeration.
  • Lawn feeding and moss prevention.
  • Planting trees, shrubs & hedges.
  • Laying mulch after weeding to supress weeds and keep soil warmer in winter.
  • Cleaning up fallen fruits such as apples and pears.
  • Clearing leaves from paths, patio’s & ponds.
  • Creating new compost heaps & spreading compost.
  • Clearing summer bedding plants
  • General tidying.

If you’re in need of an autumn garden tidy-up, call us now or request a quote below and we will call you back as soon as possible.