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My Tidy Garden Provides Hedge Cutting & Hedge Trimming Services Across Bournemouth & Poole
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Hedge Cutting & Hedge Trimming Bournemouth & Poole

My Tidy Garden provide a reliable, efficient & high quality hedge care service including; Hedge Cutting, Hedge Trimming, Hedge Reduction, Hedge Removal, Hedge Planting & Formative Pruning.

If not maintained correctly, hedges can quickly grow out of control and potentially cause a number of issues such as:

  • Blocking light to the garden or through windows
  • Difficult or unsafe to manage with domestic equipment
  • Blocking access to driveways, paths or pavements
  • Create unmanageable amounts of green waste when they do get cut
  • Generally becoming overgrown, untidy or unsightly
  • Encroaching on yours or your neighbours garden
  • Becoming too large and growing into fences, buildings or cables

If you are having any of the above issues or, just want to make sure your shrubs or hedges are manicured and at their best; it’s time to give us a call.

Hedge care is one of our specialties and we take pride in getting your shrubs, bushes, and hedges into great shape. Not only do we take care of the practical side of cutting or trimming hedges to a high standard, but we also focus on providing all-around great customer service.

We pay great attention to detail and always treat your property with the utmost respect. Leaving it clean and tidy when we’re finished.

Whether you need regular hedge trimming maintenance, a one-off hedge cut, hedge reduction, or, hedge removal; give us a call or request a quote on this page and we will aim to contact you back within the hour.

Local Hedge Care Services We Offer

  • Hedge Cutting & Hedge Trimming
  • Hedge Reduction or Renovation
  • Pruning Shrubs, Bushes, Hedges & Small Trees
  • Plant & Hedge Removal
  • Planting New Hedges
  • Formative Hedge Pruning & Maintenance

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How Much Does Hedge Cutting Cost?

How much our hedge trimming service costs varies, as every bush, hedge or tree is different. In order to give you an accurate quote we will need to see the work that needs doing.

This enables us to check that we can safely perform the task, check access, see the size of the task and therefore, provide you with an accurate quote.

Typically, a hedge in relatively good condition and cut within the last 2 years, will cost less to trim than a hedge which is very overgrown. This is because it will take less time to trim newer growth on a hedge, whereas older growth will be thicker, requiring extra time and equipment to cut.

Overgrown hedges or generally larger hedges also produce an unbelievable amount of waste. No matter how many times we cut hedges, we are always surprised by the volume of waste generated.

If you want us to take the waste away we will but it will cost extra due to the time required to take it to the tip and tipping fees. We always encourage and suggest ways to recycle the waste within the garden which keeps your cost down.

Often, the first cut of a hedge that we do, costs a little more than what we charge should we return to trim it, on a more regular basis.

By having your shrubs and hedges pruned regularly, they will stay in much better condition and be easier to manage. So this means you pay less for each cut.

Typically hedges should be cut a minimum of once per year, some varieties benefit from more regular pruning i.e. 2-3 times per year. Or, even more regularly, if requiring a perfectly manicured, formal hedge.

We have a minimum call-out charge of £40 for our hedge trimming service and a minimum £80 for larger, overgrown hedges, reduction & removal work.

However, every hedge cutting job varies greatly. The best thing to do is contact us. We will arrange a time to meet, assess the job and provide you with a free quotation.

Same Day Hedge Trimming Service

Wherever possible, we’ll offer a same-day hedge cutting/hedge trimming service and always aim to visit you within 72 hours of receiving your enquiry. That’s whether your hedge needs a quick trim or you’ve got a number of seriously overgrown bushes.

Once we have visited you at your property, we will confirm the price and complete the work. Providing you want us to go ahead, of course.

As long as you’re happy with the service, we can then arrange a more regular hedge maintenance plan. Keeping your hedges and shrubs under control and looking good, year round.

We understand, if you’re searching for a local hedge trimming service, it’s likely that you want the work completed fairly soon. So, call us now or request a quote below and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Regular Hedge Care & Maintenance

With our hedge cutting maintenance plans, we provide a fixed-price service for an agreed number of visits during the year.

For hedge maintenance, we typically visit 1-4 times per year. Depending on the species of hedges in your garden and your requirements.

However, we may also visit your garden more often, should you also require additional gardening services such as: Garden Tidy-up, Lawn Mowing, Plant & Border Maintenance, Pressure Washing, or, Weed Control.

When signing up for a regular garden maintenance service, you will receive a breakdown of exactly how many visits will be required, an overview of the tasks to be completed and the total cost.

You may choose to pay this upfront for the year. However, most customers prefer to pay on a rolling monthly basis.

Paying for your garden maintenance plan monthly, can help make budgeting for the required work more manageable and prevent you receiving a large bill during busy months in the garden.

A regular garden maintenance schedule is generally a more cost-efficient option than infrequent visits. Because, plants thrive and are easier to manage when cared for regularly.

Therefore, you can sit back and forget about the ongoing maintenance chores and spend more time enjoying your garden.

Hedge Reduction & Hedge Removal

If you’ve got overgrown, damaged or diseased hedges or shrubs in need of a drastic cut back or complete removal, we offer both hedge reduction and complete hedge removal services.

If a hedge has been neglected for a number of years, the first cut we do is often somewhat of a hedge reduction in order to bring the framework of the hedge back under control and maybe undertaken as part of an initial garden tidy-up.

Once the hedge has recovered and had a full growing season, regular trimming will then keep the hedge in shape and encourage new growth to form and fill out any bare patches.

If you have a dead hedge or want to remove a hedge for any other reason, we offer we can help in completely removing the hedge and importantly, it’s root ball (which is the hard part).

Much like tree’s, hedges are very tenacious and if they are not removed correctly, they will keep coming back.

Planting New Hedges & Formative Pruning

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to take out an existing hedge and start again.

Sometimes, hedges outgrow their area and are no longer suitable for the space. They may be diseased, dead or damaged? Perhaps, you just do not like the species and would prefer another plant in its place?

An established hedge that has not been maintained well, may look particularly bare or brown once cut back hard. This is particularly true of coniferous varieties. In this instance, you may decide it is better to start afresh instead of trying to salvage what you have currently.

If you’re wanting to plant a new hedge, we offer a plant buying and planting service and can advise on which plants will be suitable for your space and garden.

We will also take care of the important formative pruning required for the first years of a new hedge in order to establish the desired shape and appearance.

Share A Hedge With A Neighbour?

Hedges sometime cause disputes between neighbours if they are overgrown or unkept, if the roots spread into their property, if the hedge becomes too high or, if it affects the amount of sunlight reaching their property.

Naturally, as peaceful gardeners, we try to avoid getting involved with any such disputes. But hopefully, things between you and your neighbours are amicable.

Either way, our standard approach when you share a hedge with a neighbour is to cut everything on your side of the fence or boundary. Unless, you request for us to cut the neighbours side and we have their permission for access.

We always recommend speaking with your neighbour prior to us providing a quote. If they want their side cut as well or, if they or any other neighbours need gardening work done when we visit, it can be more cost effective for both of you. Due to the time we save travelling between jobs.

More info taken from website…

“You can trim branches or roots that cross into your property from a neighbour’s property or a public road.

You can only trim up to the property boundary. If you do more than this, your neighbour could take you to court for damaging their property.

If you live in a conservation area, or the trees in the hedge are protected by a ‘tree preservation order’, you might need your council’s permission to trim them.”


Wildlife & Hedge Cutting Laws

Hedges provide an important habitat for nesting birds so we always check the hedge for signs of wildlife before proceeding with any work.

Whilst we do perform some light hedge trimming when we are sure there is no wildlife present, we generally avoid hedge cutting during the main breeding season for nesting birds.

This usually runs throughout March to August each year. This can be weather dependent and some birds may nest outside this period. Unless we can be sure there’s not any nests present or, the work is urgent for instance; the hedge is blocking a fire exit or public pavement, then we will arrange to complete the work outside the nesting season.

It is an offence under Section 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 to intentionally take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built, or to intentionally kill, injure or take chicks or adults, or intentionally take or destroy any eggs.

It is an intentional act, for example, if either we or you know that there is an active nest in a hedge and still cut the hedge, damaging or destroying the nest or contents in the process. Source:

Frequently Asked Questions

When you request a quote for our gardening services we will arrange a convenient time to meet with you at your property. For most jobs we are able to provide a price there and then and often complete the work immediately. If you decide to use us on a more regular basis, we will agree a set number of yearly visits and the tasks to be undertaken. The total cost can then be broken down into manageable monthly payments.

Yes, we are fully insured for £2 million public liability insurance which covers us working on your property. We also hold the required waste disposal license allowing us to transport waste.

Our hedge trimming jobs vary in time depending on the size and condition of the hedge as well as the species, how easy it is to access and when it was last trimmed . Typically, for hedge trimming in a medium sized domestic garden, we will be at a property for 2-4 hours. For larger gardens or, gardens requiring additional gardening services, we may stay longer. Typically hedge reduction cutting and hedge removals take much longer than a maintenance trim and these jobs can take 1-3 days.

This really depends on the hedge that is being removed. Younger or less vigorously growing hedges may be able to be removed using hand tools and muscle power. Whereas, more established, older hedges or, certain species may require the use of a mini-digger or stump grinder.

Yes we can take away the waste when we leave. However, with light hedge trimming jobs, we prefer not to as it costs you more and there is usually a way that the clippings can be recycled to benefit the garden.
This is also true of more substantial waste or thicker branches generated from hedge reductions or removals. When we visit to price the job, we will discuss the options with you. Ultimately, it is always your choice and comes down to personal preference.

This depends on each customers requirements and the particular variety of hedges or shrub we are dealing with. For most domestic hedges we cut at least once per year. Usually, 2-3 trims per year are sufficient. Even for faster-growing hedges such as Buxus or Privet but some customers do prefer them cut more regularly.

Have a look at the services section of our website for a more detailed understanding, but our core range of garden services mainly consist of grass cutting and lawn care, maintaining plants & beds, weed control, leaf clearance, pressure washing and general garden tidy-up’s.