Weed Control, Weeding & Mulching
My Tidy Garden Provides Professional Weeding & Weed Control Services Across Bournemouth & Poole.
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Weed Control, Weeding & Mulching Bournemouth & Poole

My Tidy Garden provides professional weed control service including; weeding and mulching. For both, our domestic and commercial clients across Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas.

Weeding is one of the most overlooked and underrated gardening services, which can have a massive impact on the overall look and feel of a garden or grounds. Plus who likes weeds? They’re not usually the most attractive of plants, they’re hard to control and easily get out of hand and they steal nutrients from the soil. Depriving the rest of the plants in your garden.

When using our weed control service, we always work to a high standard and focus on removing or killing the weeds but also preventing re-growth.

However, weeding a garden once, will not stop weeds from growing altogether. Far from it, weeds are, after all, particularly hardy and experts in survival. Just like doing the dishes, weeding is something that is best kept on top of rather than letting it build up.

If you have a regular weed control plan with us, we will kill and remove the weeds, limit re-growth and tackle the ones that do emerge.

We pay great attention to detail and always treat your property with the utmost respect. Leaving it clean and tidy when we’re finished.

Local Weeding & Weed Control Service

  • Weed removal by hand
  • PA1 & PA6 certified in safe use of pesticides (when required)
  • Mulching to improve appearance and prevent re-growth
  • Moss removal
  • Lawn weeds treatment
  • Aftercare and maintenance

Let The Gardener Deal With The Weeds

Weeding can sometimes be undervalued as it’s one of those jobs that anybody can do. But, there is a difference is doing a job and, doing a job properly.

The skill in weed control comes with experience in dealing with many different types of weeds and understanding which methods to use to remove them.

Having a garden or grounds with weeds growing, even if not majorly out of control, is a bit like having a shiny new kitchen but leaving the dirty plates and cups on the side.

Eventually, the mess builds up and needs cleaning. Like, your dirty cutlery, the longer it is left, the more there is to do and the harder it is.

As part of an initial garden tidy-up and weeding, we can also apply a mulch such as compost, bark or gravel to the area. This will further enhance the visual appeal and help prevent re-emergence. This will allow your gardener to spend more time focussing on other tasks required in the garden and potentially save you money on garden maintenance.

Mulches & Mulching

When a garden was left to it’s own devices, many of the plants within, feed the ground they grow in. They do this by dropping their leaves and branches which decomposes over time and turns into compost.

However, when we maintain our gardens and to keep them looking nice, generally, the cuttings from the plants and the fallen leaves are cleared from the beds and taken away. This can leave the soil in the garden lacking nutrients.

You can combat this and maintain a healthy growing medium for your plants by applying a mulch. Typically, compost, wood chippings or leaf mulch. Not only does this feed the soil, but if a sufficient layer is applied, it can help suppress and stop weeds from growing.

When we complete a garden tidy up or weeding job, we like to finish it by applying a layer of mulch and our favourite is rich and dark compost. Not only does this make for excellent food for the garden but its dark colour really helps make the plants stand out.

We bring compost in in bulk bags but can also use compost generated within your garden. If you do not have a compost heap, we always encourage starting one, if possible. This way, you can save money on green waste generated in the garden and on compost for mulching your beds and borders.

If you do not want plants to grow in an area, we may recommend a different type of mulch such as gravel or bark.

To discuss your requirements, call us now or request a quote below and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Borders Mulched With Organic Compost After Weeding

Before & After Mulching Borders With Organic Compost

Regular Weed Control & Garden Maintenance

With our regular weed control & garden maintenance plans, we provide a fixed-price service for an agreed number of visits during the year.

When signing up for a regular garden maintenance service, you will receive a breakdown of exactly how many visits will be required, an overview of the tasks to be completed and the total cost.

You may choose to pay this upfront for the year. However, most customers prefer to pay on a rolling monthly basis.

Paying for your garden maintenance plan monthly, can help make budgeting for the required work more manageable and prevent you receiving a large bill during busy months in the garden.

A regular garden or weed control schedule is generally a more cost-efficient option than infrequent visits. Because, plants thrive and are easier to manage when cared for regularly.

Therefore, you can sit back and forget about the ongoing maintenance chores and spend more time enjoying your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you request a quote for our gardening services we will arrange a convenient time to meet with you at your property. For most jobs we are able to provide a price there and then and often complete the work immediately. If you decide to use us on a more regular basis, we will agree a set number of yearly visits and the tasks to be undertaken. The total cost can then be broken down into manageable monthly payments.

Yes, we are fully insured for £2 million public liability insurance which covers us working on your property. We also hold the required waste disposal license allowing us to transport waste.

Yes we can take away the waste when we leave. However, with light hedge trimming jobs, we prefer not to as it costs you more and there is usually a way that the clippings can be recycled to benefit the garden.
This is also true of more substantial waste or thicker branches generated from hedge reductions or removals. When we visit to price the job, we will discuss the options with you. Ultimately, it is always your choice and comes down to personal preference.

This all depends on your garden or grounds, your requirements & budget. Typically most weed growth happens at the same time as your lawn from spring through to autumn. If we regularly visit your property to mow the lawn or for other garden services, it is easier to stay on top of the weeding and we can factor this in to your maintenance plan. If you require weed control for commercial grounds such as a car park we may visit once per month through the growing season or as many times as you require.

Have a look at the services section of our website for a more detailed understanding, but our core range of garden services mainly consist of grass cutting and lawn care, maintaining plants & beds, weed control, leaf clearance, pressure washing and general garden tidy-up’s.